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My Hair Studio is

About Whole Health

 Warm and Inviting with

No Chemical Smells

 A Non toxic Environment

Organic hairstyling products

What is the difference?


Certified  Organic Hair Products

Non Toxic Hair Colours

 No Ammonia or PPD

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Ottawa Magazine 

. Hair by Kim at Blades. Make up by Debra Jacino.


  Certified Organic

Hair Care line

Onesta Hair care  info

10% of their net proceeds go to cancer research!! Onesta Hair Care was founded by Tom Redmond, a cancer survivor. So if you know somebody affected by cancer, this is a good way to support research and know you are using non toxic hair products. Onesta will not use any HARMFUL CHEMICALS


I use CHI hair colours

You can also buy the CHI colours

  What makes CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color Unique? Completely Ammonia Free no Chemical Smell  leaves the hair health and coves grey

CHI Ionic Permanent  Hair  Shine colour

BIO-LITEZ Ammonia free or PPD locks in silk and protein into the hair shaft


For Processing My Clients' Colour I use

 CHI Professional IR Processor Dryer



    Hot Tools 1 1/2 Inch Hot Air Brush

Hot Tools Blow-Dyer Air Brush


    Ceramic Flat Irons   


Made in the USA CHI Original Flat Iron


          CHI Flat Iron 1 inch by Farouk | SHOP NOW!







You deserve to know what chemicals are in your "Products. 

 Be an Educated consumer

Marketplace Because it says organic or natural

 Is It?

Watch these videos

Lousy Labels: Home Edition - Marketplace - CBC Player

Lousy Labels: Health Hype - Marketplace - CBC Player

Non toxic cleaner 1 bottle can last up to 3 years 




Our beautiful deck &- outdoor  kitchen

built by Carpenter

Ross Stephen 





If you care about your pets you have to visit



Telephone: +1 (613) 729-7354

The Natural Place for Your Companion Animal




A Family Business

Eco-Friendly Hardwood

FSC Certified Harwood

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Cork Flooring

Tel.: (613) 225-CAMA (2262)


  We are so happy with the hardwood put in by Rome flooring.  Joe and his family are the nicest people you could do business with. Please visit their website. If you go to Gallery you can see all the beautiful work they do. 





   CHI Original Ceramic Hairstyling Iron made in the USA

Scroll down info on  Auto Digital Ceramic HairStyling Iron 


                  June 6, 2008, HOUSTON, TX - “Made in the USA” is a concept that’s become rarely recognized, until now! Farouk Systems, Inc. is a billion dollar hair care company located in Houston, TX and it plans on starting a trend by “Going USA!” Farouk Systems will begin manufacturing from Houston where the company currently has 3 warehouses! Farouk Shami made the Front Page of the Houston Chronicle explaining the new economic direction he plans to take his powerhouse company in. "People want 'Made in the U.S.A.' " on the products they buy, Shami said.” I want 'Made in the U.S.A.' " With shipping costs doubling in the past year, counterfeit items coming from China along with maintaining its high-quality product reputation; Farouk decided the best solution was to manufacture from home. It will also be a big step for the US Economy which carries significant cost advantages. Robert "Bill" Gilmer with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas quotes in the Houston Chronicle that he had heard of some companies returning to Mexico after relocating to China but not to the United States.

CHI Flat Iron 1 inch by Farouk | SHOP NOW! 


  The first company to come out with ionic technology for the hair  


      What the professional hairstylist use      

For Silky Smooth Hair

Straighten - Curl - Flip - Style

bulletVersatile "all in one" ergonomic design
bulletProfessional salon model
bulletCreate silky shiny hair instantly
bulletFlash quick heating
bulletSwivel Cord

The CHI® Hairstyling Iron is only under warranty if purchased from a Professional Salon. The purchase of the CHI® Hairstyling Iron will not be guaranteed if purchased through any other outlets including the internet.

original flat iron - 1" inch  INFORMATION

CHI - Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is the #1 selling Iron in the Professional Beauty Industry today. This iron will curl, bend, flip, spiral and even straighten hair.


Ceramic Heat

bulletMoist Ceramic Heat with Ceramic Plates and Coils
bulletCeramic will maintain even temperature all the time
bulletCeramic will produce negative ions
bulletSeals the cuticle
bulletRepels humidity
bulletLocks in hair color and retards fading
bulletCeramic Heat will ensure the penetration of the Silk Molecules to the Hair
bulletTraditional copper coil can cause more damage and dry the hair

Ergonomically Designed

bullet10 foot heavy duty electrical cord
bullet360 degree Swivel Connection to prevent tangling
bulletOn-Off switch on the inside to prevent accidental turn off
bulletLight weight
bulletFits in a standard curling Iron Station


bullet"Flash Heating" 150-180 degrees in 6-10 seconds
bulletSqueeze sensitive = tighter squeeze will direct more ceramic heat to the hair
bulletSaves energy - CHI only uses 20-25 Watts of Electricity


bulletFor straight looks
bulletTo prepare dry hair cuts


bulletCircuit breaker for safety
bulletSpace age installation = heat is only produced to the Ceramic plates
bulletExterior will be only warm, not hot



CHI Auto Digital Hairstyling Iron is an ideal tool for all your creative styling and finishing needs. This made in the USA Iron with Auto Digital function with micro chip technology assures you of the highest quality tool.

bulletTemperature = 356°-410°F / 180°-210°C
bulletPlate Size = 1"
bulletVersatile "all in one" Ergonomic Design
bulletProfessional Salon Model
bulletCreates Silky Shiny Hair Instantly
bulletQuick Heating
bulletSwivel Cord
bullet°F / °C Digital Display and Auto Shut Off
bulletTemperature Control


1 Year Warranty
CHI Flat Iron Tips



Here are a few tips to help ensure the best results and long life with your CHI flat iron.

The CHI falt iron has been designed with an IDCI plug. This helps prevent electric shocks. If the CHI flat iron does not turn on when the switch is turned to the on position, be sure that the red reset button on the plug is depressed. In the case of local electrical interruptions, be sure to reset the plug before using again.

The CHI flat iron is turned on and off by sliding the concealed switch inside the handle. The red indicator light will tell you when the iron is in the heating mode. This light may flicker during heat cycles. Always turn the CHI flat iron off when not in use.

The ceramic paddles may be cleaned of product build-up using rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth. Be sure that the iron is turned off, unplugged, and cool to the touch before cleaning. Do not use abrasive cleansers or materials on the ceramic plates, as this will damage the heating surface.

As with any electrical appliance, keep the CHI flat iron away from water. Never submerge the CHI flat iron in water as it will damage the Iron and void the warranty.

Should the hinge mechanism become loose and the plates fail to align properly, the hinge may be tightened. Unplug the iron and allow to cool. Carefully remove the caps covering the hinge. Tighten the screw inside the hinge until the plates align. Replace the hinge covers, and return to normal usage.


CHI PRO Hair Dryer


The newest in the line of Farouk CHI, the PRO dryer contains all the elements of Farouk technology. Farouk CHI PRO Hair Dryer has ceramic coils and heaters that produce ions that keep your hair soft and manageable with low EMF for your hair to dry faster. Farouk CHI PPO Hair Dryer is lightweight, ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Has a powerful 1300 watts with 2 speed settings and cool shot. Included is CHI diffuser and concentrator nozzle.

CHI PRO Hair Dryer



Features & Benefits:

  1. Heats faster and dries hair up to 40% quicker. Produces moist heat
  2. Produces positive energy and infuses moisture into the hair shaft     
  3. Negative ions help to reduce frizziness and static electricity while leaving hair healthy and shiny
  4. Maintains safety of the environment and our health by reducing the level of EMF (Electric Magnetic Fields) 
  5. Most blow-dryers contain up to 1300 Microns of EMF, that can be dangerous. CHI
  6. PRO has  1.5 microns
  7. 2 speed settings
  8. Cool shot button
  9. Lightweight design
  10. Ionic Infrared Led


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