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 Listen to a truly Beautiful Blessing

 It will open up your Heart

& bring tears to your Eyes

Roma Downey's


Irish Blessing


I used to watch Touched by an Angel with our child


 It was such a blessing  to have a mother who had "The Knowing" this enabled me to reach out and help our child. Our children feel everything we feel even if we don't say it. It's so important to let our children know we love them no matter what. Not with material things and giving them everything they want or feeling sorry for them because they will take advantage.  You want  them to be able to build a strong character know right from wrong by giving them a solid foundation. What children really want is our guidance and understanding we have to give our heart by first loving ourselves. Having this gift of visualization and being so sensitive enabled me to open up and allow the Source Energy.   "The Knowing" how to reach our child. I would close my eyes, visions and thoughts would come to me. It was amazing I didn't realize at the time I was tapping into my higher power, God's Love.   We all have this ability  in us if we  really believe. Meditation helps me to tap into my highest good and brings with it what I need.

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