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Crown Chakra Thousand Petaled Lotus the Receiver of Light









My AuraColour violet

One of the most spiritual colours, Symbolizes violet reflects higher wisdom

, beauty, inspiration, creativity, and enlightenment 



Symbolizes Inner wisdom perception,,

vivid imagination, clairvoyance





Symbolizes, communication, speech,

expression, imagination and freedom



Symbolizes Love, health, balance, compassion

 a nurturing nature and abundance



Symbolizes wisdom, mantel focus, curiosity,

insight, intuition,  sensitivity.



Symbolizes Creativity, joyous, independent, personable,

open minded easy to communicate with.





   Symbolizes vitality, passion, temper,

strength, hard work, leadership




                                                        Aura colour White  Crown Chakra

  Symbolizes truth, innocence, purity, awareness, spiritually ,

motivated , passion, unconditional love





 The power of the Soul


Self  Love