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Power of Mothers Love

Awesome Graphic



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Angel Kids


Rose Pink Dove

Angels glitters

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baby fairy violet cute 2.0 Myspace Layout

Angel Friend




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Our little Buddy may he rest in peace

Picture of Cupcake angel, a female Shih Tzu


undefinedchihuahua angel searching for names for small dogs

Picture of Mr. Jeepers, a male Miniature Schnauzer

Angel and Bella our Little Darlings







Angel With Butterfly




ua          l side with Love! 


We All  Need a Purpose & Dreams


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It's not too late......... the angel said, even though you are not as young, even though you made mistakes and have been a afraid, It's not too late....Then I saw the world through the eyes of the angel,  the beauty that surrounds me  the love I needed to share. It's not too late..... the lives I could help the dreams that could come true...... It's not too late the angel said, it's not to late .....Kim 


Lovely AngelsSwinging Angel



               IN THE ARMS OF AN ANGEL








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Blessings Graphic #11Hugs Graphic #98




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      Angel Sitting on a Star


Created by: Michelle Sherliza, OP Music by: Daniel O'Donnell Parents and teachers will love this video it will put a smile on your face.   



















 Children are all so different

 and unique just like colours of




A mother's Love

A mother has this special bond with her child, when your child is suffering we just want to make

 It Better!





 Children's Rainbow of Virtues

Childs Virtues Rainbow Plaque









  Angel Graphics











      Wish upon a Star






Blessings Graphic #10







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