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          The Aura Violet

 I went to see Julie Desmarias who is a wonderful Healer, Emotional Intuitive, Usui Holographic Reiki Master and Teacher. Julie saw a beautiful  violet light surrounding me . This made sense  I have been medicating twice a day listening to John Holland CD Psychic Navigator to balance and heal my Chakras . Violet  is the crown Chakra  is said to be the chakra of consciousness and pure awareness, the master chakras that controls all  the other chakras. The Crown chakra connects you to the wisdom of your higher self the part of you that exists in the higher realm. Why you are here, what you came here to do, and knows the best way to get where you want to go. Your crown chakra also connects you to your guides and angels, your personal team of helpers and assistants that can make your life on earth so much easier. It connects you to source energy, the universal,  eternal  Creator, call God, the divine.  When connected provides you with all you need; guidance, abundance, a feeling of safety and protection, and deep faith and trust that something higher is looking after you.


   Aura Colour violetblossom.gif

The Crown Chakra the Thousand Petaled lotus the Receiver of Light

One of the most spiritual colours,

Symbolizes violet reflects higher wisdom, beauty,

inspiration, creativity, and enlightenment