Full-grown Maltese dogs; Maltese come in all sizes. You can have a full grown Maltese that weights in at 3-4 lbs or one that is 6-8 lbs or even one that is 12-14 lbs.

Temperament:The Maltese are bred to be cuddly, indoor dogs. They are active and love attention. Even as a Maltese ages, they show little signs of their age,  they prefer enclosed spaces and are excellent dogs for someone who lives in an apartment or small house.

History: The Maltese is known as one of the oldest dog breeds. Originally called the “Canis Melitaeus”  in English. They are thought to have descended from a dog found around the Swiss Lakes, and was especially bred to obtain its small size. The oldest record of the Maltese is a painting of a Maltese-like dog in the Italian town of Vulci. Historians have placed the painting date around 500 B.C.