Subject: Small cute Doggies Yorkie-Maltese mix called Morkies.  Maltese-Bichon mix called a Maltichon 2014

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 Bella 1 month old






Our Doggies are very important we want to keep them Healthy & Strong









We use an non toxic cleaners in our home very affordable can clean the whole home, no chemical smells . Do you really know what's in your cleaning products ?


Live in a toxic free home.


Very affordable an 16oz  bottle can last up to 3 years.


Cleanse everything and the kitchen sink.


Eliminate your ammonia based window cleaner.


Removes the impossible with no smell.


Great for cutting grease .


Save money and the environment.


Less in land fill.

Wash your dogs.Dog bath dog graphics


Easy on plants.


Testimonials some from my clients


















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